In 2021, one of the most discussed topics on the Internet is a neural network that can “undress” a person in a photograph. This topic arouses interest and a desire to try to use this technology yourself. We decided to research this topic and find out what methods exist to undress a person in a photo.

Nudify – the best clothes remover

Neural networks 18+, as a rule, work for the same task – generating a nude image by “undressing” the girls in the photo or creating completely new personas. Nudify is a neural network that allows you to quickly and easily remove clothes and undress a girl in photographs. The main areas of nudifier application are the following:

  • Design. 
  • Photo business. 
  • Traffic arbitrage, etc.

The algorithm of Nudify is very simple – you just need to send a photo with good lighting and a front angle of the body, and after a few minutes, you will receive a completely naked person in the image. The result isn’t always perfect, but it definitely will be better and faster than in Photoshop.

The easiest way for your favorite star undressing 

The young American star Myler Cyrus became famous thanks to the series “Hannah Montana”, which instantly made her a popular actress and then a singer! However, after looking at, all boys realized that it’s not for nothing that there’s such a stir around her; the girl is really very attractive!

How good will the result of undressing the image be? This depends on two factors: the algorithm by which the neural network works and the quality of the original photograph. Modern neurons produce very natural results, but with a poor source, they can make mistakes. To get good results, upload a clear photo of the girl in close-up and wearing tight clothes.

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