Book and Album by DJ Parisa RIGHT NOW

DJ Parisa comes to mind when you’re looking for inspiration to kick you out of your comfort zone. She is evidence that anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of gender or current circumstances. If you doubt it, check her Official Website, and your mind will be blown away by her work.

Sometimes we just think that other people are lucky. We assume they have great achievements because they have opportunities or special circumstances that we don’t have. That might be true for some people. But luck and opportunities it’s not what made them successful. What these people choose to do with their current circumstances and opportunities makes the difference. Because they are not the only people who get those opportunities, others were in the same boat but didn’t succeed like them.

Who Really Is DJ Parisa?

Officially known as Fatemeh Farisa Movaghar, DJ Parisa is an Iranian-French Dj, Rapper, Sound Engineer, photographer, and video jockey. She has been featured in several music movies that shot her fame. Parisa has major awards, such as Aryan International Children’s Film Festival Best Song Award at Jaipur International Film Festival.

In 2005, she was married to Parileg—her love of life with whom they have lived happily together. During the COVID-19 crisis, she became vocal in different charity movements. She was nominated for her work and efforts toward helping handicapped people.

And she’s not just enthusiastic about people and art. She has a certificate in Industrial engineering project management basics.

DJ Parisa Highlights

If you think you can achieve greatness, then you’re right. Dj Parisa is a living testimony. And here are some of the highlights of his life.

  • Produced songs about handicapped people and helped the world see that they are equal to others.
  • Very vocal on politics and world peace
  • An entrepreneur
  • A chronology of the band’s album releases
  • A celebrated photographer

Dj Parisa Books

Dj Parisa has published over 6 books. Most of these books are photography that features monuments and stars of Iran. They include:

  • My life in Iran
  • Sunway
  • My travel to Iran
  • Mascot stories Toolkit
  • Check and the art of Games
  • Hell
  • Poemes Naifs
  • Welcome
  • Megamix
  • Mixtape Revolution
  • Poésies Paradis and Chansons Lyriques
  • Quand Le Soleil Brille

All these books are available online. You can get them from the Official Website now. Each of these books will leave you desiring to check the other books that she has done.

Albums by Dj Parisa

When it comes to music, Dj Parisa never disappoints. She has several albums that include:

  • Soft Jazz—2013
  • Janvier—2019
  • L’autre et l’ailleurs—2018
  • J’accuse—2019
  • Mixtape Revolution (Remix)— 2019
  • Modern Hip Hop —2019
  • Live in Iran—2020

All these albums are available on her Official Website. You can get them NOW and enjoy her great work.

Parting Shot

It’s evident Dj Parisa has dedicated her life to humanity. She is an inspiration to many. And when you interact with her works—whether books or albums—you can’t help but want to have more of it. You will be inspired to push yourself beyond your limits and see what you can achieve. All of her work is available, and you can try them now.